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The Labská cable car is in operation.

Important information about the operational change / news, which will be the absence of a cash register to buy ski passes.

From the 2022 season, the regional box office at Labská is closed. In this locality, there is a transition to online sales in the e-shop GOPASS.TRAVEL  with the possibility of picking up the ski pass at the so-called Skip Point (see below), which is newly located on Labská, or on hotels / boarding houses involved in the B2B system. The nearest offline info center / cash register remains open at Hromovka.

So what are the options for buying ski passes?

  1. The customer can register at www.gopass.travel and buy ski passes online. If he does not have a GOPASS card, which is a ski pass carrier, he will pick it up in the SKIPAS POINT self-service vending machine, which is installed in the former cash desk (more – https://www.skiareal.cz/gopass/skipas-point). He will attach to the machine the bar code that came to his e-mail after purchasing the ski pass. Subsequently, the gopass card on which the purchased tariff / ski pass is recorded falls out of the machine. The client keeps the Gopass card for all further purchases. Online ski passes can also be purchased on site on the day of skiing, eg from a mobile phone. However, for the best price, we recommend buying ski passes in advance in the e-shop.
  2. A special online GOPASS / B2B system (e-shop for B2B partners, ie hotels, boarding houses, etc.) has been operating for Špindlerův Mlýn for several years. You first register in your client’s system, assign him a GOPASS card (ie a ski pass carrier) and then you can buy him ski passes. All you need is a computer connected to the internet and the possibility of online payments. If you are interested in this service for clients, please let us know immediately. We will enter into a contractual relationship, you will receive from us access, training, GOPASS cards, instruction leaflets and all the support you will need.
  3. We also offer a variant that is based on the requirements of most cooperating hotels in Šp. Mills. The customer consists of the steps of registering for GOPASS and purchasing a ski pass.
    At your reception, the customer will only buy a GOPASS card for CZK 50 (we sell cards to hotels for the same amount) and will receive a simple guide on how to register and assign a GOPASS card to your account. Assigning a card means linking the customer’s account (his name) to the ski pass carrier. After assigning the card, the client can make the purchase himself or come to the reception (already with the registered card) and have it charged to you only by ski pass. Of course, we will provide you with the mentioned leaflets with instructions, as well as the necessary approaches and training, as in point 3.
  4. All area-wide ski passes are valid for Labská. I.e. Ski passes purchased at the stone box offices in Hromovka, St. Peter, Medvědín or Horní Mísečky are also functional in Labská.

We would like to point out once again that the box office of the lower station of the Labská cable car is permanently closed.

Ski passes will only be available for purchase in one of the above ways.